Meet & Code 2020

Es scheint dass es dieses Jahr nur ein Online meet&Code gibt. Na da. Wir können ja mal Formate entwerfen. Vielleicht klappt es ja diesmal das wir diese in ganz Brandenburg anbieten. Malsehen.
Bei der Förderung gilt das Windhundprinzip. Wir sollten also bis Mitte Juni Anträge gestellt haben. Es gibt wieder 500€ pro Veranstaltung als Spende. Das Antragsformular ist sehr schön schlank.

@niccokunzmann willst du nicht schonmal ein Format überlegen? Ist ja online. Kannste von überall machen.
@christoph Lust was zu entwickeln? z.B. zu Lorawan?

Meet and Code is Coming

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Hello friends,

We hope you are doing well in these weird times. We have some great news for you - Meet and Code is coming back! Bigger and better!

We are very proud that only last year, over 56 000 kids and young adults participated in more than 1200 coding events , organized in 630 cities . Children and young adults from 25 countries could design and code oceanic coral reefs, combine robotics with theater and literature and get to know how to use technology to help their local communities.

June 1st, 2020, for the fourth year in a row, Meet and Code is inviting local nonprofits across Europe to apply for micro-grants of up to 500 Euro to organise events that foster interest in and access to digital skills among young Europeans, aged 8-24. This year our project is getting bigger! Read the newsletter to get more info!

Stay safe!

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Meet and Code 2020 Kicks Off in 35 Countries!

We are very excited to announce that this year 11 new countries joined Meet and Code! This gives us an opportunity to share technology for good in 35 European countries !

Moreover, due to unforeseen circumstances in today’s challenging time, this year’s edition of Meet and Code will differ from the previous ones. We prioritize your health and safety by moving the Meet and Code 2020 online . In other words, all of the events in 2020 will be conducted virtually .

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Unlike 2019, this year NGOs taking part in Meet and Code will have 2 months to carry out their virtual events , from September 1st till October 31st, 2020 .

Registration starts on June 1st, 2020. Join Meet and Code 2020 and empower a generation with us!

Meet and Code Award

Win Meet and Code Award of 2000 €

Meet and Code will award the most creative and innovative event ideas used by nonprofits to get the next generation excited about coding. Submissions will be accepted in the following four categories which are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

  • Girls do IT!
  • Community
  • Diversity
  • Code for the Planet
    • Code for Europe (new)