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I am extremely proud to announce that after several days of work from 47 globally-distributed volunteer writers in our organization (including librarians, medical transcriptionists, doctors, engineers, and more), in addition to contributions from thousands of people from all over the internet over the weekend, we are releasing v1.0 of our Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies guide. Please see below for the link.

The purpose of this guide is to:

  1. Provide an accurate, layman-accessible, boots-on-the-ground, primary-source view of the course of COVID19 treatment, as best the world understands it right now.

  2. Identify all the major medical supplies necessary to treat COVID19 that will be necessary in the coming months.

  3. Begin cataloging open source solutions to all of the medical supplies needed to treat COVID19.

Please note that some of our devices & PPE projects listed are still works in progress; we thought it was important to get this out sooner rather than later, and are building the plane as we fly it. Please feel free to send feedback and content about them our way.


In the interest of providing accurate information and vetting the open source projects we are presenting in our guide, we have turned off public commenting and have created a feedback portal. You can submit new projects, factual corrections, studies, and the like through our feedback portal, and we will act on the suggestions quickly as possible. We have a team of 12 (and growing) medical professionals in our organization that are reviewing designs presented here on Facebook and through our portal to ensure that potential supply solutions don’t do more harm than good to healthcare workers and patients.


You now have three jobs.

Your first job is to educate yourself and your community on how COVID19 is treated, and understand the entire problem at hand, before you start designing or building or ideating anything.

Your second job is to continue to grow this group. The goal of this Facebook group is to be a discussion forum and megaphone to the world once safe open source supply solutions are found, and it needs to be as large as possible to reach everyone who will be affected.

Your third job is to go out and find as many existing solutions as possible to the supply problems we’ve highlighted, and focus your work on the gaps. While it’s great and heartwarming that everyone’s excited to design things and save the day by making complex devices like ventilators, much of this work has already been done by teams all over the world. Cataloging existing solutions is just as important as designing anything new.

Please also continue sharing your designs, your learnings, and your work on this forum. Everyone here benefits from the free flow of earnest ideas.


We have a team of over 110 volunteers from all over the globe who are collaborating on the Slack channel that supervises this group. We have moderators, administrators, medical professionals, transcriptionists, engineers, communications specialists, marketing teams, philanthropists, scientists, points of contact for makerspaces and globally distributed manufacturers, and more. The explicit goal of our group is to not design anything ourselves. We believe there are tens of thousands of engineers all over the world already working on the problems we present, and our job is to vet, catalog, present, and soon act upon those solutions. If you would like to join this narrowly scoped and tightly focused team, please let us know in the comments. We will be acting globally very soon.

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