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Hello. My name is Johannes. I‘m relatively new in Potsdam. I‘ve studied eventengineering and -management in Berlin, so i‘m familiar with construction, CAD (2D/3D), electricity, audio, video and so on.
My Hobbys are playing drums, Trading Card Games and Tabletop Miniature Games. Lately i made some experiments with silicone molding, resin casting and airbrush. As a sideproject, i‘m currently about to Rack-my-Mac.
I‘m here, because i‘m interested in 3D Scaning and 3D Printing and to meet friendly, open minded maker in Potsdam.

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Hay people, I’m working with mushrooms for quite some years now. I work for and do workshops, lectures and research with fungi. I just moved my lab to the last weekend and I’m looking forward to work with you :slight_smile:. I dont have a key yet, and I would need to access the lab tmr. Is anyone at the lab at that time? Or how is the procedure? Looking forward to meet you all, Malte


Hi @Johannes and @MalteLarsen,

@MalteLarsen, for opening and closing, you can read here. Especially “Wie bekomme ich einen Schlüssel?”, currently I would invite you to the plenum generally or the next one tomorrow.

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my name is Muna. I’m a biologist currently working in the food diagnostic market to detect #microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses or #GMO (genetically modified organisms). I also have a passion and expertise in #cell biology, e.g. culturing of human cells and designing organoids to avoid animal testing.
I would like to participate in workshops and trainings and excite other people about biology!


Hi @Muna,
nice to have you, here. If you like to tinker a little bit, please, feel free! Usually, open lab is each Thursday. There, you could have a tour in the .kitchen and it’s workspace’s. Actually, it is a bit messy. @MalteLarsen moved his Lab-devices to our .kitchen. He plans to be around on Thursdays and Fridays. Others have flexible times to be around. You can also join our telegram group for a chat.

See you

Hi Muna.
I would like to learn how to cultivate and detect bacteria and fungi.

Hello everyone!
I’m Nicola. I study for about 2 years now all aspects of Fungi, mainly in cultivation, taxonomy and ecology. I’m intrested in cultivation of wild Fungi-Samples. I also would like to explore the morphological structures of Fungi and other micro organisms through the Mircoscope… and for sure to meet you humans!

I would like to come and visit the Biokitchen on thursday. How does it work for newbies? Can i just show up at 19uhr or do i need a appointment?

happy to meet you


Hey Nicola,
feel welcome and show up. Someone will be around. Maybe it would be great to send @Bjorn, @MalteLarsen and @niccokunzmann a message if its possibel for them to show you the bioLab. Not everyone did have the access to the lab.

Hi Nicola,
A welcome from my part, too. Thursday is fine. I will not be there, but usually @MalteLarsen ist arround. If you prefere Friday evening, I could show you arround, just let me know.
I will deny with Malte because of tomorrow, and let you know here.

Hi Nicola, pleasure to meet another fungi enthusiast. Another visitor wish to see the lab tmr. I will be there from 11pm to 4am, so you might just give me a call when you’d like to come. I will send you my number. See you tmr.

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Hi @Muna,
feel Free to join for todays gathering


Hi, I am Ugur. I have just started bee-keeping with @Thias.
I will likely use the kitchen for honey production. I am also looking forward to follow the upcoming workshops, hopefully after the Corona-Times.


Hi everyone and thanks for the add to the forum, my name is Vanessa Lorenzo Toquero. I am an artist, biohacker and industrial design engineer based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Also, a board member of the biohacking community Hackuarium since 2014 and part of the Hackteria constellation.

I will be visiting you in the following months to develop the project Mari Mutare - from the 15th February to the end of April.

Specifically at this time in, I am engaging in bryophytes cultures development with the kind collaboration of Bjorn and an external expert in extremophiles. More info is available on my website above and on my github Vlorenzolana (Hybridoa).

Glad to virtually meeting you!


Dear @Vanessa,

I am looking forward to have you as residency for your work at Mari Mature!
Of course we are somewhat resticted because of the pandemic restrictions, but of course we will would like to welcome you as warmly as possible.
Just let me know if there are some issues you would like to know or talk about, concerning the biolab or your general preparations.
In advance,…
let me also introduce you to @Frief (Frieder). He is godfather for our rapid prototyping maschines and expert for 3D modelling/printing and an all arround hero. As you plan to may 3D print, he is a good first person to contact for.
And in addition I would like to introduce you to @Martin. He is community officer and project manager for the fabLab (machBar) and also for the science shop (NGO and executing organisation). Besides me he could help with general issues. For example for organising temporarily a key to the lab, for you.

See you very soon

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Dear Vanessa
Really excited to get to know you. I study product design with a passion for biomaterials and additive manufacturing. Would love to get to know more about your project and see if I could participate and support in any way.
Best regards


Hello! Thank you, @Bjorn, for the warm words and useful information.

@Frief Clara and Martin nice to virtually meeting you, I am writing you a pm.

Have a nice week!



Dear Clara, that’s really nice!

The project partly consists of making scaffolds with biomaterials. I have some experience with bioprinting, bioink, bioplastic and vegetal leader with kombucha. For printing, on one hand, I have an Anycubic Photon LCD-based SLA 3D Printer, with which I am starting to print with plant-based resin. I also have a regular FDM FL-SUN QQ S 3D printer with which I tend to print with PLA or Wood filaments.

Happy to share recipes and curious to know what you are working on too.

@Frief is there any link to check the available gear and requirements to operate at Machbar?

@Martin upon arrival on Saturday 13th I will quarantine for 5 days before getting tested, so I would only be able to start from 22 February on. I wonder what the procedure to get the key is.

I am thrilled about getting to be part of your community!




Nice meeting you in our short meeting on Saturday.
I live really close by.

If you have any urgent needs, I can be in Machbar in around 5mins.
I work from home as SW Engineer, and I am close by most of the time.

Just write a PM and I can give you my Number.



Hello, my name is Selina. I am interested in sustainable,
more specifically compostable materials as an alternative for existing,
environmentally harmful products.
Developing innovative processes and creating products which can be
returned to the natural cycle is what drives me.


Welcome Selina!
Nice drive!