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If you are new in this forum you can introduce yourself shortly and may mention your three main interests and expertise.


Hi, I am Nicco, you can ask me about Water Kefir thanks to Svenja, Kombucha, Ginger Root Beer and Milk Kefir (also vegan with coconut).

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Hi, my name is Bjorn. My main interests here are #cultivation of all kind of organisms, working on #IoT cases for biohacking & bio-community selforganisation. My expertises are #plants, fungi and animals (as organisms), #aquaponic systems, #microscoping.
Feel free to ask me here…


Hi, I am Toka. I’m familiar with all kinds of technical things, but have little expertise in biological endeavors. I’m here mainly to learn something.

Things, I would like to learn:

  • cultivation and detection of bacteria
  • interesting “ice breaking” experiments for beginner students of biology
  • collection of basic skills needed in a biological lab

In addition I would like to support as a place to connect to people with expertise in all different skills in context of biology.


hi, i’m hannah.

involved in making electronic textiles and wearable technology.
#etextiles -

more recently looking for ways to strap our tools to our bodies and walk outside our studio/labs/workshops, to explore how our practices are affected by what lies beyond familiar infrastructures of making. to discover new materials and expose our practices to outside views.
#wearablestudiopractice -

my growing interest in biology and living materials is to blur the boundaries we’ve imagined between: materials, tools and makers.