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If you are new in this forum you can introduce yourself shortly and may mention your three main interests and expertise.


Hi, I am Nicco, you can ask me about Water Kefir thanks to Svenja, Kombucha, Ginger Root Beer and Milk Kefir (also vegan with coconut).

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Hi, my name is Bjorn. My main interests here are #cultivation of all kind of organisms, working on #IoT cases for biohacking & bio-community selforganisation. My expertises are #plants, fungi and animals (as organisms), #aquaponic systems, #microscoping.
Feel free to ask me here…


Hi, I am Toka. I’m familiar with all kinds of technical things, but have little expertise in biological endeavors. I’m here mainly to learn something.

Things, I would like to learn:

  • cultivation and detection of bacteria
  • interesting “ice breaking” experiments for beginner students of biology
  • collection of basic skills needed in a biological lab

In addition I would like to support as a place to connect to people with expertise in all different skills in context of biology.


hi, i’m hannah.

involved in making electronic textiles and wearable technology.
#etextiles -

more recently looking for ways to strap our tools to our bodies and walk outside our studio/labs/workshops, to explore how our practices are affected by what lies beyond familiar infrastructures of making. to discover new materials and expose our practices to outside views.
#wearablestudiopractice -

my growing interest in biology and living materials is to blur the boundaries we’ve imagined between: materials, tools and makers.


I’m Sven and I’d liked to occasionally access the kitchen to feed and cuddle the wasserkefir, and more frequently access the water tap and washing area during the events in the machbar.

I’m eager to learn the washing area regulations and will make sure to oversee and implement them during ChaosTreff events.


Hi, Matthias here. Mainly using the kitchen for beekeeper storage and honey production :slight_smile:


Hi I’m Frieder
I’ve been in here in the Machbar for a while now.
I’m responsible for the 3D printer and partly for the CNC machines
Together with Björn, I built the beautiful kitchensign.

Mainly I will probably use the vacuum dryer to dry 3D filament

I find it very sad that people who have put a lot of work and time in the expansion,
were excluded from the BioPunk kitchen from hire to now!


Hi Frieder,
nice to have you here.
Just a hint to your post. In this threat we only SaY hellO, if you have some feedback, please post it in another threat, Thank you.
(I meant following: